Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just a few...

Just a few minutes to update my blog. I've been totally absent from it. But, I've been absent in general as I've been away from home so much lately for work. This weekend will be the last for a bit- when I get home on Monday, I'll be home for nearly 2 weeks straight, aside from day trips during the week to work on the mainland.

I had great plans to accomplish much today, as I have the day off, and am at a friends' house, who is giving me the use of her BEAUTIFUL office for the day (I worked yesterday on over here on the mainland and have a meeting tomorrow). I needed to go to Ikea to look for something for a client though. M. came with me, and though I didn't find what I needed for the client, I did find a whole new duvet cover/sheet set for our bed! I'm so excited to set it up. The sheets and duvet cover we have now is almost 5 years old, very very faded and sad. I also got the standard napkins and bits and pieces I usually get while at Ikea, a bedside lamp to match the one we already have, and a bin to store my assessment materials in (currently they are in a massive mess in giant Ikea bags in the truck). Of course, M. and I also had the uber cheap Ikea lunch before we shopped, as well as the cinammon bun before leaving :-).

Now I'm very tired, and it's 4pm!! But, I am going to sit down and try to get some of my ridiculous amount of back log taken care of, so that hopefully when I get home Monday night, I can just hang out with my husband...who I miss!

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