Sunday, June 22, 2008

A weekend


What if that was all I wrote in this blog? It's hard to find words just now so I actually considered it.

My Birthday Weekend:

I worked on Friday and Saturday. Since I had to be on the mainland for work for my birthday, D. came with me :-).

On Friday night, I was surprised with a wonderful dinner out with D., my brother and his fiance, followed by some kitchen-floor swing dancing practice. It was a great night! I am so blessed to have such great family. I love my brother and C. so much and cannot wait for their wedding!

On Saturday, after I returned from work, we got a call from some dear friends. These friends have had such an immense impact on our lives and are people I love very much. They just had a baby (on Thursday!) and she is beautiful and healthy, and the birth was beautiful and as good as births can be from what they told me. They also told me that their new daughter and I share a name. My name is her middle name. I was humbled in a way I never ever have been in my life before. I am still shocked and overjoyed that two people I love and respect so much, and that have guided me spiritually for so long have given me the honour of having this special connection with their daughter. I can't quite explain it.


After talking with them, D. and I headed out for my surprise birthday evening (I knew we were doing something but not what or where or with who). It turned out we were headed to my favorite all-you-can-eat sushi and Korean bbq place downtown. AND, D. had arranged for so many of my favorite people to all be in one place!! It was a wonderful night, and it was exactly the perfect birthday evening for spend it with people I love, talking, eating, and drinking really tasty blackberry-mint-cohitos (those were at the Cactus club later on). Then, after drinks and dessert at the Cactus club, D. and I headed to the Yale with M. and J. for some blues, beer, and more conversation (and a little dancing :-). We crawled into bed about 1:30 am after a fabulous night out.

It was funny, on the way back to our car we walked along Granville at about 12:30am. The closed off part - there were hundreds of people everywhere and the street was literally humming with the noise. I felt like such a "hick." I leaned over to Daryl and said "wow, this is crazy! I mean I've seen it on the news, but it's really like this!" NERD. lol.

Then today, before heading out to the ferries, D. took me for breakfast (brunch really) at De Dutch. I haven't had a pannokoek for a very long time, and it was sooooo good. We managed to catch a ferry earlier than we'd thought we'd get which was great, and put us arriving at home in time to watch some Mad about You on DVD (a birthday present) before getting ready for our week (I consider blogging "getting ready for my week").

Unfortunately, I forgot to renew my driver's licence though, so tomorrow will be hectic trying to fit that in with work, writing an exam and getting to the DMV while travelling by bus. S'ok though.


biss said...

We are very pleased to have our daughter share a name with you! It is a beautiful name and I think it suits her really well.
She was actually born on Thursday, a day before our birthday. Her "due date" was Friday, but she popped out early, I guess so I could relax a bit more for my birthday! I think it will be nice for her to have her own birthday, but it will be special for us to have them so close together.
She's so beautiful. I wish you were here to meet her.

Yours sounds like a lovely birthday weekend. I'm glad I could contribute from afar.
Love you.

T. said...

Aw, I knew it was the day before ours, but got mixed up on the actual days of the week!

I wish I was there to meet her too. We WILL find a way to get out to visit you all sometime this summer hopefully :-).