Monday, June 09, 2008

Bread and Butter

Fresh baked multigrain bread from the bread maker + organic unsalted butter + glass of red wine = happy.

The good thing about fresh baked bread from the bread maker: You can program it so it's ready to participate in a bizarre mish-mash dinner of marinated cod, bread, and spinach salad when you arrive home at precicely 8:30pm.

The unfortunate thing: You eat half the loaf of bread in one evening. Sigh.

But it was good :-)

And another favorite today: Berry smoothies. Mmmm.


Sarah said...

I just finished eating a butter sandwich and drinkign a glass (r several) of wine myself! Mmm. There must be something in the air... ;)

Simply Victoria said...

my breadmaker is broken. wah! :(