Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving?

Today is the US thanksgiving. Ironically, we have plans to have our one Canadian friend over to celebrate. The justification for this is that we missed the Canadian thanksgiving, so we have a second chance.

Thanksgiving is very different here. Apparently it is law in MA that no retailer or store with more than 3 employees can be open on thanksgiving. This law began in the late 1600's and is still in effect today! MA is the only state with this law though I think.

Apparently, the night before thanksgiving is kind of like new years eve here - it's a big night to go out an party. We didn't partake ;-)

Also, "Black Friday" (tomorrow, the day after thanksgiving) seems to be the equivalent to our Boxing Day. Boxing day is non-existant in the US. So, tomorrow, or "black friday" makes up for this though, since it is the biggest shopping day of the year here. Sales and discounts and insane shopping mayhem ensue. I have to say, it seems more beneficial financially to have this big sale day before Christmas.

I, for my part was up all night sick, and have caught some sort of ooky flu/cold thing. DH is cleaning and cooking though. He's great :-).

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Sarah said...

Gosh, I'm sorry you're sick, but happy thanksgiving again anyways! I've heard terrible stories about Black Friday: last year the trampling of several people by mobs of eager Wallmart shoppers was broadcast on the news. It was quite horrible to watch, really. Still, I've heard the sale are great and that's what really counts, right? Ummm...
Well, anyway. I really hope you get well soon; it's no fun to be sick :(
I'm sending virtual hugs and Nyquil your way!