Monday, November 27, 2006

The great Gip

I've been reading everybody's blogs this morning...and blog after blog after west-coast blog recounts exciting snow adventures. All of them involve playing, and cocoa, or latte's or some other such hot drink, and all of them involve days spent at home.

Have you noticed the distinct lack of snow conversation on my blog? On Daryl's blog? Hmm. Yes, that is because we have NO snow. No HINT of snow, aside from the smell of it in the air.

You know what we have had a lot of in the past week though? Record amounts of? Yes. Rain. Mhmm, Rain. So, apparently, we brought the west coast winter with us, and someone there stole the east coast winter.

I shouldn't complain though, since we don't have snow tires on our car, and the rain does kind of make us feel at home.

I'm hoping that we'll get a white Christmas and it will rain on the west coast, so that I can go take beautiful snowy Boston city scape pictures and post them and laugh at you all. Wahahahah.
That is for those of you who have actually emailed us saying "Ha ha ha, we have snow and you don't!!" You know who you are.

I am happy for you that you have snow though :-) I'm just jealous ;-)


Magdalen said...

miss you. The snow says hi.

Sarah said...

Oy! I'd send you all our snow in a heartbeat, hon! I'm sooo cold and... cold. The weathermen predict highs of -6 tomorrow. Brrr! Where did our beautiful, warm summer go again?

Simply Victoria said...

yes, it's odd that there's no snow out east, but tons here. but rest assured, it will all be gone by the end of the week, and we'll end up with a wet and muddy christmas and you will be basking in it. it always happens that way.

Magnificent M said...

will you be jealous when we have to slosh through 10 inches of slush? I think not.

bean said...

Don't worry, you'll get snow soon enough. We have more than enough of it here, but strangely enough there's no smell of it as it's -40 and your nosehairs freeze when you breath in. Hope you're over the ookiness...