Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Pioneer Woman's post about Quesedillas made me crave one. So today's breakfast was:

Quesedilla: 1 scrambled egg, 4 T grated cheddar, 2 T grated parmesan, 1 tomato sliced, salt and pepper, hot sauce in a tortilla, fried.

Mmmmm good. And I found these tortillas at Ralph's produce (in Langley) that have 12 g of fibre and only 90 there's room for the cheese :)

Sorry, no picture :( Too early.

Supervision meeting
Uploading and scoring video/Thesis work
Make dinner
Work at home.


Victoria said...

cool! I'd forgotten about Pioneer woman. thanks for the reminder.
and your breakfast sounds so good!
all I had was dog-lips coffee!

RW said...

breakfast quesadilla
sounds like a good idea.
always looking for good ideas for H and L.

Anonymous said...

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