Friday, July 31, 2009

The Bag Saga

I'd like you to meet a long time friend of mine:
This green bag has been with me fore at least 3 years. I has been my work bag, travel bag, everything bag. I can fit my laptop, plus 10 folders of works stuff and all other implements I need in it, along with a water bottle or coffee mug. I . love. this. bag. So much. It is the perfect bag. I didn't realize how much I loved it until I realized it had to be replaced...the strap has broken...I could see it fraying for a while, and so have been searching for a new bag for about 2 months now, to no avail!

I've realized (well, actually, my husband pointed out to me) that bags are my jewelry (I'm not a fan of jewelry). The problem in finding a bag, is that I go into a store (usually winners), and throughout the time I'm there usually, at least 4 times think "Gah! I MUST have that bag, it is beautiful! I LOOVVE it." Then I turn over the price tag. It is always $100 or more. Always. Apparently I have expensive taste in bags. That, combined with the fact that my budget to buy a new bag hovers in the "under $40" rage...makes it hard for me to find a bag. And I can't stomach buying one I don't like. Can't. It's akin to wearing some type of scent I don't like. I just can't do it.

So, when this happened:

I nearly cried. And when I couldn't find a good replacement bag, I just wanted to hug my green bag and never let it go. I had to move on though.

Then I found this bag:

It's not my VERY favorite, but it is pretty good. I like the size and the style. Generally I like more colorful bags though, so I was sad about the basic black.

Then I opened it:

Ta-dah! Hooray! I CAN love this bag. It has pretty color inside. That can be seen from the outside most of the time. And, it was within budget. So, I went for it.

Now I have to say a sad sad goodbye to the green bag, and become unhealthily attached to the new bag.


RW said...

you and vic should swap bag stories.
she collects bags too.

I was at winners and say the perfect orange bag. for summer perfect. it was $55 - talked myself out of it - regretted the decision - went back -

This happens all the time to me. I console myself by keeping track of the $ I have saved.

Alana said...

That green back is fabulous. I'm sitting here trying to think of a way to fix the straps. Hmmmmm.

But the black bag is good too. I just love that particular shade of green, so feel your pain.

Alana said...

bag, not back. I can't spell, nor check my spelling apparently.

Victoria said...

ha! I was just thinking that ramonos! :D

k. here's my latest bag story. I am the same way with bags. I lovelovelove them. same budget constraints though. (on a side note, saw a beaYOOOtiful bag at costo in the jewelry case, all burnt butter naugahyde leather or something... wait for it... $350DOLLARSSSS!!! are they freakin' kidding me?!?! cruel cruel world... sigh)
but I digress.
I was at Nordstrom's in Seattle recently, and found a gorgeous gorgeous leather bag. huge. perfect. lovely. sigh.
regular $350, on sale for $169. So I gave my old bag to aves to carry around, and walked all over the store with this bag on my shoulder, in some sick masquerade. as IF I could ever spend $169dollars on a bag.

back to reality.

Victoria said...

(ps: most of my bags come from JOE at superstore, and have served me well, especially in the under $30 category)

T. said...

Vic that is hilarious. When I bought this bag, I spent about 2 hours "browsing" in winners, alternating between this one and it's more functional counterpart. I loaded various things from around the store into the bags to see what they were like "with weight." HAH! I like the ones at Joe, but every one that I've seen and liked has had straps that are too short (couldn't easily swing it over my shoulder to carry). Boo!

RW: I found the perfect blue bag, that they also had in orange (now, only in orange) too, but it was about 150.00. Boo.

Anonymous said...

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