Friday, January 16, 2009

T. is....wishing she had something to blog other than "I"m working a lot."

Sigh. I know. Facebook has overcome blogging so much that I'm posting a FB status on my blog. But hey, it got me started right?

I don't have much to new recipes or anything exciting really.



Nothing. Everything that comes to mind is eather mundane or whining, and that's not what breathing room is for. Okay, get off your sorry whining butt T.! How about I post about things I'm thankful for in the midst of the craziness.

- My husband who keeps me sane (well, that may be debatable...perhaps "saner" is a better way to put it).
- Family and friends that take me in and give me second and third homes when I'm travelling for work.

- Really good coffee. Really. Very thankful.

- Honey and Lemon Hand cream from L'Occitane en Provence

- A new hair straightener that works so fast and well.

- I got better in under a week when sick last week. This is an all time record for me. Related to that, I guess I'm thankful I had little out-of-the-house work scheduled while sick, and for Oil of Oregano. The only two differences this time I was sick were that I actually rested the first three days I was sick, and that I took Oil of oregano several times.

Those are just the things on my mind right now :) There's lots more to be thankful for :)


Simply Victoria said...

yeah, I feel the same.
nothing new. don't wanna whine about business (AGAIN!!). am also thankful for much. would love to know what kind of straightener you have (need one!). and ALSO got over a cold very quickly (drinking greens and resting).
great minds... and all that. :)

T. said...

Aw Vic, can't wait to get to actually spend time with you IN PERSON when we move back!!

The straightener is a Remmington with skinny pink ceramic plates, about 55.00 from London Drugs :)

RW said...

I too, am grateful for good coffee.
I received a small gift of starbucks and I brewed it at work for the rest of my staff and it was AWESOME. How can we ever go back. Actually I don't drink the work coffee. I do not consider it coffee. It is some sort of wierd brown water stuff.

Anonymous said...

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