Monday, November 17, 2008

The current contents of my desk.

1 laptop
2 phones
1 water bottle
1 half-drunk, cold coffee in a mug
1 empty source yogurt container
1 stapler
sharpie markers in various colors
1 sewing tape measure
3 post it pads
2 other note pads
1 to-do book
3 work folders
1 pencil case
1 flash drive
1 tax return
1 calculator
2 random CDs/DVD's containing video
Several articles to be read for school
1 folder of research on stereotypy
1 hole punch
1 picture of client
1 plant
5 magazine holders full of files and miscellaneous papers
2 baskets full of stuff.
Receipt stub from a recently paid parking ticket.

I need to clean it!


Simply Victoria said...

at least you can list your contents.
I wouldn't dare try.
nope. I just stopped using it. moved to another surface. ;)

Sarah said...

I bet you had to move all that stuff to list it, and moving stuff is kind of like cleaning, so presto! Done! :)

My house = this philosophy for better or worse (probably worse)


Anonymous said...

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