Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A party, two friends, and a lazy morning.

We are leaving Victoria in 6 days. SIX days. If you could see how full our apartment still is and how completely un-ready we are to leave it you would understand my mounting panic.

We had our "Take away our stuff" get together on Saturday. We had a wonderful time visiting with many people, and were overwhelmed by the generosity of our Church family. We will miss our community here so much. I am sad that we haven't gotten to know more people more deeply while here. There are so many astounding people we've had the joy of knowing, and I only wish we could know them more.

So, the only downside was that only a limited amount of stuff was "taken away." So, we have a lot to clear out still. The good thing though, is that it is sorted, and at least we know WHAT we have to get rid of. That's a step anyways.

It's been a busy last few days. We had Mag here for a few days, and spent time visiting, watching some Buffy from the "glory days" as she called it (Read: Season 2), celebrated her birthday with her (this is becoming a tradition...she better fly out to Boston next August!), and said a tearful goodbye. It was a wonderful visit, and it was so nice to spend some good quality time with her before we go. I'm only sorry we were so wrapped up with preparing for the Saturday get together and moving events.

She left on Sunday, and my dear friend M. arrived Sunday. We had a mad couple of days of work and play together, both of which I enjoyed more than I can describe. I was saying to my mom on the phone after she left that M. is the one person who, no matter what else is going on or how stressed out I am, can make me laugh. It's interesting too how most people in my life know when I need some "M. time." My mom commented on it - "You really needed some good time with M. I knew you'd feel better after you saw her." Daryl has, on numerous occasions shipped me off to the mainland for some time with M. when I was debating whether I should go or not. They both know that somehow, no matter where I'm at, after seeing M. I'm in a better place. That's just the way it is :-). As always we had good food, good wine, and good conversation...all of which both of us love.

After M. left I found two things: 1) She'd left a bottle of Desert Hills Gamay Noir on the counter in the kitchen. We used this to celebrate the recent discoveryt that our applications for interest relief on our student loans has been approved. It is an amazing wine. Sooooo good. Thanks M. :-).

2) I discovered a pile of presents and cards on my desk behind my computer. I read the card - so completely appropriate for our friendship...and her additions to it...and cried. I will miss her so much...and it means so much to me to know she's behind me in this move. She also left a beach picture of rocks to add to my planned wall of west coast beach photos (It's my inexpensive decorating project for when I get to Boston), a Sonya Kitchell album (songs that are SO "us" on it - an excellent new driving tunes album!), and a starbucks card. Could she know me any better?!? So, as I'm driving on the freeway, with Sonya blaring, downing my 10th tripple americano of the day (this would be during hour 15 of a driving day), I will think of M., and of the amazing supportive friend she's been to me.

So, now we ahve 6 days to get things in order. I have the day off today, so, I slept in till 9:30 (so wonderful), snuggled with my DH (also so wonderful), watched grey's anatomy (I just discovered re-runs are on CH at 10am on weekdays!!), and ate salt water taffy. It's now 11:30, and I'm still in my PJ's, and have done nothing constructive today yet. But I think that's ok. I will shower and get going after this, sit down and outline a plan of attack for the next six days, and start in on it. Aiyaiyai! I go.


Magdalen said...

I will miss you terribly. And don't think I'm not considering that flight to Boston next summer. You two keep me going.

Keep flying!

Magnificent M said...

sigh... I am sad about the bookcase. I didn't have time yesterday as we ended late. If it does fit in your car, I will still buy it off you and can drive over to Langley to grab it off of you. If it does not fit easily, don't worry about it. Also I think I owe you $ cuz we had that whole cheese thing and I forgot to pay for your dinner on monday night!! Sick! I even had cash! I'm not sure you will be at home long enough for me to get it to you, should I mail it when you arrive in the Bawsssten??

So glad you had fun, me too! You seemed as though you needed a good laugh. Its funny you think of me that way as I think of you that way... its not as though one of us is really cheering up the other, we just seem to have a way of laughing continuously when we are together! Talking continuously too. Apparently loudly. I was quite tired on tuesday, you?

I have been eating those blasted taffy's this morning too.

Tabatha said...

I had a great time at your party! I got alot of stuff.:) I am using your nice big skillet to make dinner tonight. Thank you!

T. said...

Mag - Will miss you so much too!! you BETTER be considering a spring visit to boston!

M - I don't think we'll be able to fit it, but I think we've found it a home over here. It is sad though...we just couldn't stop talking long enough to get it ready to go! I DID need a good laugh..miss you already :-( I finished the taffys. Oi. Exhausted!

Tab - Yay! Glad you're getting use out of it. It was so good to get to visit with everyone, even if it was brief.